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Highly vetted contractors

Highly vetted customers

Create  your  Los Santos future with  us.
*AM4H is a GTA V Online - PC Only PMC based Crew

"Being able to rely on AM4H for my large warehouse sales gives me peace of mind while in game. Going into a sales mission knowing [AM4H] can both defend the mission and deliver the product practically pays for itself. I wouldn't have the millions I have nor level I am without these guys."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Level 402

"I started playing GTA Online in early 2017. As a new, low level player, playing the game as designed, I would get seemingly picked on, as some new players do. I then got hooked up with a member of AM4H, and truly learned how to play the game! Playing with AM4H, I started making legit money, and a lot of it! They told me I could potentially make more money with them than solo play, and they were right! I ranked up faster playing with them, attained more assets with them, and developed a fun playing environment with them. Couldn’t ask for a better group to play the game with and learn from."

                                                                                                                                                 -Level 197

"I was running 3-crate missions by myself and a session I was in exploded with additional players. I noticed a bunch of players head towards the two idle packages I had remaining. I also noticed fighting erupting near the cargo. After I delivered the first package, I decided I'd keep heading towards the remaining cargo until it was destroyed. When I arrived, all the cargo was there and no one was firing at me. The two remaining ORG/MCs (both AM4H) were there defending the cargo on my behalf, without me even asking or knowing of them at the time. They even waited until I returned for the 3rd and final package and escorted my delivery. I've never seen people protect an absolute stranger in GTA before, and now I enjoy helping them do the same for others."

                                                                                                                                                 -Level 132

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About Us



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Who is Air Mercenaries?


Air Mercenaries 4 Hire is a PMC (Private Military Company) that operates within the Grand Theft Auto V - Online PC Gaming community & economy. We are a Crew that firmly believes in 'White Hat Gaming' (no mods, cheats, or griefing) focusing on slowly increasing our talent pool with highly vetted members while providing value added services for our clients at a competitive and fair price. We are unlike other GTA V Online PMCs who tend to focus mainly on PVP, disrupting operations, etc. We are mission driven and ROE (Return on Investment) oriented. We operate as a business. We treat all Crew relations professionally and respectfully. We remain neutral in any conflict unless specifically hired to act otherwise. Whatever the mission is at hand, a basic single crate run or a risky $2M+ sale, our goal is simple... mission accomplishment. We are not here to disrupt any operations but instead provide a better environment for everyone's operations to flourish. As a PMC, we offer several options for likeminded players! 

-Become an AM4H Client (Customer): Are you an existing Crew Leader or Leadership Team Member in an established Crew and interested in tapping into our pool of highly vetted contractors, services or more? Check out our services and apply to become a Client today!

-Become an AM4H Contractor (Member): If you are looking for a Crew, share our mindset, want to earn a lot of GTA V cash and XP legitimately, and think you have what it takes to become an Air Merc? Apply today! Like the order of the descriptions above, we put our Clients and the mission first. We are not paid to simply perform a job, we are paid to accomplish the job efficiently and professionally.

-Become an AM4H Ally (Alliance): If you're a Leader in an established Crew and interested in helping us keep sessions economically sound, contact us today! Whether you are another PMC, Motorcycle Club, Organization or more, we help support likeminded Crews! The more allied members in one session, the less chance of modders and griefers ruining the experience for all players.  

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Why Air Mercenaries?

Are you sick and tired of Merryweather Security taking advantage of you and your wallet? Are you tired of being forced into a one size fits all solution offered by the only Security Force that has built and maintained a monopoly over the city of Los Santos for almost an entire decade? One would think with more than $10,000,000,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars tied up with Merryweather contracts, they might at least stop attacking their own fellow citizens at the whim of an enemy with a small amount of cash to spend. This is exactly what happens when you allow a PMC like Merryweather Security, who is active in over twenty different conflicts abroad, to not only operate on domestic soil with impunity, but also within the private sector. In this type of business model ‘money’, not integrity, is king. AM4H has partnered with local and federal agencies to replace the void Merryweather left behind after losing virtually all of their government contracts due to their habitual failures over the past decade. Losing top-secret government property is inexcusable. The loss of operator lives, money and assets has been frequent and abysmal under CEO Don Percival's leadership.

Receiving funding from the citizens of Los Santos via taxation, from criminal organizations in return for protection, while covertly fighting both sides of this domestic war are several reasons why the city has turned into a daily warzone. Weapons, drugs, contraband, and more are flooding into the streets of Los Santos at an accelerated rate. The murder rate has skyrocketed and as of 2017, has yet to peak. The federal government and local authorities are fiscally overextended and undercapitalized but are also weary of the traditional prohibition approach.

It is time for a new era. It is time for deregulation. It is time to stop prosecuting victimless crimes. Local and federal authorities have realized that the prohibition approach produces consistent failure. Working alongside local authorities, Air Mercenaries will help usher in this new era of deregulation and decriminalization. If our operations prove successful, this model may be rolled out to the entire United States.


No more paying $1000 for an extremely slow Maverick pick-up piloted by a rookie on his first day.  They should be paying you to ride with that kind of risk! Your enemies deserve more than a mediocre $7,500 band of clumsy assassins! Paying $12,500 for a non-precision airstrike is basically a tax on the willing! Adding insult to injury, after paying full price for some or all the above Merryweather services, they ignore your call for hours, claiming you need to cool down! What kind of Client/Provider relationship is that? Why are you paying full price for a service where the provider doesn't even treat you like a valued client?

While we recommend reaching out to Gruppe Sechs for smaller contracts, as they still maintain local government security contracts for small cash and asset transport within the city of Los Santos, Air Mercenaries will be handling the higher risk/ larger contracts. If you have an operation too large for Gruppe, but want to avoid being deceived or neglected by Merryweather, reach out to Air Mercenaries today and let the contract negotiations begin!

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Contact us via form or Rockstar Social Club

Air Mercenaries 4 Hire (AM4H)

Maze Bank Tower

633 Vespucci Blvd.

Los Santos, San Andreas 90071

(328) 555-0142

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This page is financed and managed by AM4H members. Donations are NOT required but appreciated.  All donations are applied to any out of pocket expenses AM4H has, such as maintaining this site. We are a non-profit crew.

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