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Trust us, we've got something for your Crew...

Click the links above to get a better understanding of what services AM4H can provide. Whether you need to make sure your sales are completed professionally, or just want to cruise around Los Santos in style, we can provide you and your Crew with an exceptional experience!

AM4H provides value added services to our official AM4H Clients only. We do not accept clients without a comprehensive review and that process starts with our Client Request Form. Is your Crew not registered with us? Have your Crew Leadership apply today by clicking here! If your application is approved, we will schedule a meeting with your Crew Leadership to discuss your needs!

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Payment Disclosure

AM4H Payment for Services Disclosure: 

Air Mercenaries 4 Hire and ALL affiliates should NOT and will NEVER ask you to make a payment via any form of 'actual' currency such as US Dollars or GBP for any and all forms of AM4H services. We operate solely within the confines and parameters of the GTA V Online (PC) economy and environment in strict accordance with ALL Rockstar Terms of Service/End User License Agreements and/or any other legal documentation so authored and disseminated by Rockstar.

*AM4H services are negotiated and agreed upon per client via a formally executed contract between AM4H and a Client Crew (customer or partner) in its entirety. Once a contract is executed, your Crew becomes an official AM4H Client. Let it be clearly stated that is a PMC, AM4H does not work for free. Contracts do require in game GTA V $ payment per the terms of the contract or other form of payment per the terms of the contract and within the GTA V Online (PC) environment and economy. Each contract will be priced reasonably with fair terms and conditions. Again, AM4H operates within the GTA V economy and game environment only! We only accept legitimately earned and/or obtained GTA V $ in game in accordance with all Rockstar Terms of Service/End User License Agreement(s). (For example, adjusting the percentage of “cuts” on a heist is one of many ways we accept payment.) No illegitimate means or transfer of funds will be accepted! If you are a large or small crew, we will work with you fairly and treat you with integrity. Payment and financing options are available during contract negotiation.

We are NOT looking for short term contracts or seasonal work. We are looking to build strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and contractors while serving the greater GTA V Online - PC community by providing more stable and secure lobbies for all to flourish in financially and otherwise.

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