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Swift, silent, surgical. Pilot and gunner must become one.


Are you 18+? Do you own a headset & mic? Do words like methodical, efficient, proficient, precise, team player, integrity, and ambitious describe you as both a person and as a GTA V Online (PC) player? Whether you're proficient at land, air or sea combat, logistics and transport, VIP protection services, or just getting started... we believe in pairing the right contractor with the right contract!

The AM4H recruitment process is very different than most Crews. Our process is not quick, and requires patience. If recruitment is open, the process first starts by filling out our application here. If you pass the AM4H Recruitment Application, you will be invited to AM4T (Air Mercs in Training) and Discord with limited access. Once you have played with us and have obtained an AM4H sponsor to vouch for you, we will conduct a formal interview. Once you've finished the interview process with your sponsor, an offer may or may not be given to join AM4H as an official Muscle member, depending on an AM4H vote. If you submit an application and start this process, we assume you've gathered as much information about who we are, what we do, how we operate as GTA V Online (PC) players, and the AM4H application process. 


Our recruitment staff puts in long (donated) hours to vet every single applicant to AM4H. If you start the AM4H application process, we ask that you complete it in it's entirety.  Incomplete applications, missing interviews or otherwise wasting our time, etc. will not be tolerated and gives AM4H the right to terminate your application at any time. This also includes contacting our leadership directly about the status of your application. We are thorough, not slow. If you took the time to complete our long application process, we in turn promise we will be in contact with you whether you pass or fail. Please keep an eye out on the email address you provided for the status of your application once it has been processed. We typically open recruitment for a few weeks at a time, process our applicants, bring aboard our new-hires, and open recruiting again when we think all new members are up to speed to represent us to our clients. There is no set time frame for recruitment periods. If recruitment is currently closed, please bookmark our website or application and check back frequently. 

Our clients expect the best of our contractors and so do we, therefore we vet very thoroughly. If you apply to us, give it your all. If you are a 'white hat' gamer, looking to make an honest [GTA V] buck, have some skills to bring to our organization (in real life or in game), and think you have what it takes... Apply now!

Are you 18+ & professional?


Do you have a headset & mic?


Are you proficient with comms?


Do you have integrity?

Do you have what it takes?

Become Certified:





Ground Gunner


Air Gunner


...and more!

Is a Private Military Company not your style of gameplay and you're looking for something a little
(or much) different?
Check out our Official
Alliance Crews below!
*Interested in your Crew becoming an official promoted Alliance Crew?
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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:



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Military Affiliate


Your Crew here?

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