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Contractor Request Form

Interested in becoming an Air Merc? Well the process starts here... with AM4T (Trainee)

Want to become an Air Merc? Well the process starts here... with AM4T (Trainee). Please read the following rules and style of gameplay we promote. If you think you're a good fit for our organization and agree with the following, feel free to apply below! 


AM4T (Trainee) Crew General Rules

1.      Show clear intent in becoming an Air Mercenary (AM4H) Contractor.

-Do not be a member of any large public crews (crews with a left pointed tag). Removing your AM4T tag, lack of teamwork or communication, or any long gap in online and/or crew activity puts you at risk of being removed from AM4T. A single warning will be issued in most cases, but not all.


2.      No modding.

-This includes but not limited to -modder sympathizing, modder association, use of exploits, 3rd party means of game manipulation such as port blocking, etc., will not be tolerated. We are a white hat gaming community that obeys all Rockstar written rules that apply to GTA V Online.


3.      GTA V Online Career Statistics & Friends List must be viewable. 

-To be considered for AM4T or AM4H, we need to perform a basic GTA V Online background check. 


4.      Respect the AM4H Chain of Command.

-This applies while in game and in any form of communications (written or verbal) outside of game. AM4T Leadership, AM4H Muscle, AM4H Representative, AM4H Lieutenant, AM4H Commissioner, AM4H Leader. This will help expedite any requests or questions you may have and get them to the appropriate party faster.

5.      Respect all AM4T, AM4H, and Allied Crews.

-Do your best to earn respect, trust and loyalty from them in return.


6.      Find an AM4H member to sponsor you.

-Do not ask a stranger, play with the Crew, be active and get to know a potential sponsor before asking.


7.      Represent AM4H with honesty & integrity.

-Even when nobody is looking.


8.      If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, send them up the Chain of Command for quickest resolution.

-The website Hierarchy helps list leaders in different departments. If still unsure, consult the AM4T or AM4H crew hierarchy.


Online Rules


1.      Be active in our Discord (mic is required, headset preferred). Attempt to use clear and concise communications. It is your responsibility to manage your hardware and software settings responsibly so they do not impact other’s communication and gaming experience.


2.      Follow any advice provided/orders given by AM4H members. A willingness to learn our best practices, then help us make them better for our crew and community is strongly encouraged.


3.      No intentional crew killing (unless agreed upon). This includes friendly bounties.


4.      Do not fire unless fired upon – unless clearly under threat while mid mission.


5.      AM4H has a reputation to uphold while online. No griefing other online players or attacking their missions (this includes strangers and those you do not know). Bounty hunting is permitted if you announce your intention IMMEDIATELY after claiming the bounty, and back off (we are Mercenaries after all). The player has every right to retaliate, and you have every right to defend yourself.  


6.      Be helpful and courteous to fellow AM4T, AM4H, Alliance and friendlies.



Dress Code


1.      Must have AM4T as your active crew & wear your AM4T emblem, on your back, at all times.

         a.      Tactical (working/missions, combat and/or leisure)

                   i.     Any other tactical vest, shirt, or look that properly displays the AM4T emblem on its back. (Doomsday Strike Vests                               preferred [Extreme Strike Vest is reserved for AM4H leadership and/or sponsors])

                   ii.     Black, Grey, Green, Tan/Khaki, and/or Red colors schemes are preferred. (Red is AM4T’s visual queue for other AM4H                     and Alliance members, hence the red banner).


          b.      Leisure

                    i.     AM4T tag must be visible, on back preferred but not required (may be on another portion of the shirt/ must still be                                     displayed).

                   ii.     Anything else goes, but we typically prefer military or a professional look.



           c.      Dress Code Restrictions

                    i.     Cannot equip Doomsday - Extreme Strike Vest. (This is the heaviest strike vest with red stripes on the shoulder pads).                        This vest is reserved for AM4T leadership and/or sponsor members.

                    ii.     Cannot wear any business suits. (This is reserved for AM4H members). Try to keep your attire either tactical,                                        professional (clean polo and khakis for example), or any close variation. Take pride in a suit once you've earned it by                                  passing your trainee period & becoming an AM4H Contractor.




1.      No restrictions. -But with great power, comes great responsibility. Use that power against griefers, trolls, lobby hostiles and in defense of yourself and others.


Tips and tricks on how to transition from an Air Mercenary Trainee (AM4T) to an Air Mercenary (AM4H).


1.      Be active

          a.      Wear your AM4T tag and emblem.

          b.      Play with fellow AM4T & AM4H members.

          c.      Be active on our discord.

          d.      Find an AM4H sponsor.


2.      Be proficient

          a.      Be a team player, friendly, and helpful

          b.      Learn from your fellow teammates

          c.      Be always aware of your surroundings (in game and the lobby)

          d.      Treat every weapon as if it were loaded, never point your weapon at something you don’t intend to shoot/ do not waste                                ammo

          e.      Be or become proficient in one or more forms of online gameplay roles such as

                     i.     Driver

                    ii.     Pilot

                   iii.     Ground Assault

                   iv.     Air Assault

                    v.     Sea Assault

                   vi.     Other(s)


3.      Be professional

          a.      Represent AM4H with integrity

          b.      Follow the AM4H Chain of Command

          c.      Don’t grief or harass strangers, help them if available (if they are being attacked while attempting a mission, you are                                   permitted to attack their attacker(s), or help in any way you prefer and available to do at your leisure.)

          d.      Don’t feed trolls in public chat online, spamming everyone. Feel free to communicate, but don’t spam. If they are truly                                trolling, weapons speak louder than words.


The following restrictions are lifted/ granted once becoming an Air Mercenary Contractor (AM4H).


1.      Dress code restrictions are lifted.

          a.      Do not have to wear an emblem on back at all times, but still preferred.

          b.      Ability to create a professional outfit (professional suit or related attire) for meetings, negotiations, offsite meetings with                            other crews, etc.


2.      Mandatory mic in Discord requirement is lifted (still preferred, when reasonable). Discord audio is still encouraged/preferred. It is hard to operate as a unit without everyone on the same communication solution.

3.      The ability to become a sponsor and/or mentor for any future AM4T members. (You cannot sponsor an AM4T member that was an AM4T member when you were also.)

Agree with the above? Apply below!

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