The ultimate in luxury, travel, & personal security around Los Santos.

Chauffeur Services

Need to get from point A to point B via driver that doesnt't hear a thing?

Are you looking to cruise around Los Santos in leisurely fashion? Lack your desired cursing vehicle? Let your imagination run wild when we grant you access to our entire AM4H fleet of vehicles -land, air and sea. Have a custom vehicle and just need a driver? We can arrange that too! Whether you're looking to arrive at your destination incognito in a taxi or in style via a Volutus, we've got your Los Santos travel needs covered.

*This service includes one driver and up to one vehicle, whether it's your personal vehicle or one provided per request. Complimentary champagne may be provided to members 21+, certain vehicle limitations apply. You may bring additional personnel that can fill any vacant seats. Combat services are not included, except for protection and extraction if attacked.

Convoy Services

Whether you need to show strength in numbers via luxury or firepower, AM4H has you covered.

Looking to cruise around Los Santos with a show of strength? Whether you just need three drivers, or a fully armed convoy, we have a solution for your needs. You may bring any additional personnel to fill any vacant seats. Civilian convoy, military convoy, and more... mount up, we roll-out at 0600!

*This service includes a minimum of three drivers and three vehicles, whether it's your personal vehicles, AM4H provided per request, or a mixture of both. Additional security personnel may be requested to man weapons on weaponized vehicles. Complimentary champagne may be provided to members 21+, certain vehicle limitations apply. This service includes protection and extraction services if attacked.

VIP Travel Protection

Ever wonder what it's like to be the Commander in Chief himself?

Looking to get a glimpse at what it’s like to be the in the Los Santos richest 1%? A first person encounter for you and a dozen or so of your friends to see the finer things in the Los Santos life, going from destination to destination of your choice? It all starts with your own personal Chauffeur transporting you and up to as many of your friends we can accommodate with vacant seating, to a location of your choice. Your party will then be transported to your personal Presidential Convoy, where your own Secret Service protection detail awaits your arrival as if you were the Commander in Chief himself. We will make multiple trips to move the entire party if need be. Sit back, relax, and watch the cars part like the the Red Sea as you navigate Los Santos unobstructed or peacefully glide through the air in a fleet of helicopters, sipping champagne above the grind & grime of the city.

*This service includes a minimum of three drivers (one of which is a certified pilot), three additional security professionals, and a minimum three vehicles, all provided by AM4H. This service is reserved for the consummate professional, who prefers to glide under the radar, not causing a scene by creating enemies or attracting police attention.

Yacht Services

Who needs $8,000,000 for the Galaxy Super Yacht when you can rent one?


Looking to have all the benefits of owning a yacht for a fraction of the price? Tired of that old rust bucket of a meeting place or the same mundane location? Looking to show your members or workers your appreciation by providing an all-expense paid yacht excursion in the sun*, at any of our twelve mooring locations Los Santos wide? Or are you simply just looking for a place for you and your friends to party? With this package one or many of our fleet are yours. Let's customize your Yacht contract today!

*Weather is unpredictable, yacht services are rain or shine. This service includes at least one Yacht & host, transport to and from the vessel, all available yacht services, yacht vehicle access, including deck and cabin access, complimentary ammunition, hot tub, helicopter, sea craft, champagne, wine, beer, liquor, bartender included... and more. The bridge will remain off-limits to all guests but your host will act as liaison between you and the Captain when needed.

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